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Akustische Gitarre Hofner Grand Auditorium (Rio Grande)

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Artikelcode: HA-GA04
Hersteller: Karl Hofner
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Akustische Gitarre Hofner Grand Auditorium (Rio Grande)

Die Grand Auditorium liegt mit ihrer Korpusgröße und auch klanglich zwischen den Modellen Grand Concert und Jumbo.
Die Features: Höfner Tonabnehmersystem mit 4-Band-EQ und Tuner.
Bei Rio Grande (04) holz.
Mensur: 64,8 cm. Sattelbreite: 43 mm.

HA-GA Grand Auditorium Steel String Guitars

Höfner's new HA-Series come with three different body shapings: Grand-Concert (GC), Grand-Auditorium (GA) and Jumbo (JC). The Jumbo pattern is as well available as 12-string version and acoustic bass (B).Tops of all models are made of solid spruce. Wood for back and sides is either rosewood , flamed maple  or the extraordinary decorative exotic lacewood which is almost unique on guitar bodies.An ultra thin high-gloss finish optimizes the sound characteristics of the bodies; the necks are matt finished. All models incorporate high quality components as bone material for nut and saddle and active hofner pick up system.

Grand Auditorium
The Grand Auditorium falls between the Grand Concert and the Jumbo, both in terms of sound and body-size.

  • lacewood body
  • maple body
  • rosewood body/gold hardware
Technische Daten
Instrument Grand Auditorium Electro-Acoustic
Modell HA-GA04
Korpus Solid Spruce/ Rio grande
Hals Wood Mahogany

Joint At 14th Fret

Thickness Neck + FB At 1st Fret - 20mm

Thickness Neck + FB At 9th Fret - 23mm

Griffbrett Wood Rosewood

Scale 25.5" / 64.8cm

Nut Width - 43mm

Width At 12th Fret - 55mm

Number Of Frets - 20

Action Bass String at 12th Fret - 2.5mm

Action Treble String at 12th Fret - 2mm

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Hofner Guitar Cases for Classical guitar, Dreadnought guitar, Grand Auditorium guitar and Jazz guitars, Jumbo guitar, Basses, Club, Galaxy, Verythin guitar.