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AKG K812 Over-Ear Headphones

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Manufacturer: AKG
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AKG K812 Over-Ear Headphones

AKG K812 headphones, dynamic, open, 36Ohm, one-sided. Cable routing, jack 3.5mm, adapter 6.3mm, incl. 3m cable

Uncompromising studio quality for the highest audiophile demands
Headphones are enjoying increasing acceptance among discerning music lovers - at home and on the go. Reason enough for AKG to develop the most uncompromising headphones in the company's history - the AKG K812. Experience from more than 65 years of top performance in professional and studio technology manifests itself in the K812. The result: headphones that set tomorrow's standards today.
For the first time, the AKG K812 combines the sound capabilities of the world's best electrostatic devices with the processing quality and reliability of professional studio headphones in a dynamic system. The heart of these exceptional headphones is a trend-setting oscillating system that is driven by an unprecedentedly strong neodymium magnet with a 1.5 Tesla field strength. This extraordinary power ensures perfect control of the copper-coated aluminum voice coil in every situation. The material mix guarantees excellent conductivity and at the same time low weight; Ideal conditions for signal fidelity and neutrality.
An ingeniously shaped membrane made of composite material with an impressive 53 millimeters diameter enables the breathtakingly wide frequency range from five Hertz to 54 kHz. Because of the flow-optimized oscillation system, compression effects are completely foreign to the K812. Thanks to the open design of the K812, reflections that could falsify the sound are prevented from the outset. From the blackest bass of the subcontra octave to dizzying heights, whether whisper level or brutal volume, the K812 reproduces music exactly as it was previously stored. The AKG K812 does not suppress or add anything.
The K812 complements this unique sound fidelity and neutrality with resilience and workmanship that also sets new standards in the studio segment. These headphones are mechanically and sonically state-of-the-art, construction and materials are optimized for years of use. In the worst-case scenario, each individual element can be replaced in a service-friendly manner. Technically, the K812 is deliberately designed so that it can be operated with mobile devices without any loss of quality. This means that for the first time on the go, music enjoyment is possible that outshines everything that has come before.
Like no other model, the AKG K812 combines top audiophile performance with the uncompromising workmanship, resilience and reliability of professional studio headphones. The AKG K812 defines the limits of what is feasible - in the long term.


  • Open system for uncompromising playback
  • Extremely powerful 1.5 Tesla neodymium drive for maximum signal fidelity
  • New two-layer voice coil for first-class impulse behavior
  • 53 millimeter membrane for extreme bandwidth
  • Circumaural for maximum comfort
  • Robust, durable construction made from selected materials
  • Double bracket made of spring steel covered with elastomer
  • Lockable, air-permeable real leather headband for a permanently comfortable fit
  • Swivel joints made of aluminum
  • Cardanic auricles for best adjustment
  • Ergonomically shaped acoustic ear pads
  • Also ideal for a tablet PC, iPod or smartphone
  • One-sided cable feed with safe kink protection
  • Professional LEMO connection ensures perfect transmission over the long term
  • Durable, reliable and sustainable, every element can be replaced
  • Handcrafted in Vienna

Technical specifications

  • 53 mm composite membrane
  • Copper clad aluminum voice coil
  • 1.5 Tesla neodymium drive
  • 5 Hz to 54 kHz
  • 36 ohms
  • 110 dB sound pressure (dB SPL / V)
  • 300 mW load capacity
  • 390 g
  • 3 m lead made of high-purity copper (OFC)

scope of delivery

  • AKG K812 headphones
  • Headphone stand made of fine wood
  • Screwable jack adapter 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm, hard gold-plated
  • Professional LEMO connection
  • Cable: 3m
Technical characteristics
Headphone type semi-open
Audio Frequency bandwidth 5 to 54000 Hz
Sensitivity headphones 110 dB dB SPL/V
Max. Input Power 300 mW
Rated Impedance 36 Ω
Cable Detachable cable, 3 m
Audio Interface Convertible Jack Combo (1/4" and 1/8"), Male, 3-pin, Gold
AKG K812 Over-Ear Headphones
AKG K812 Over-Ear Headphones
AKG K812 Over-Ear Headphones
AKG K812 Over-Ear Headphones
AKG K812 Over-Ear Headphones
AKG K812 Over-Ear Headphones

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