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Alto Saxophone Yanagisawa AWO2

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Alto Saxophone Yanagisawa AWO2

The New Yanagisawa AWO2 range replaces the long standing A902 model.The body is made of Bronze (a mix of copper and tin) rather than the AWO1's brass construction (copper and zinc). This difference in core material affects the tone and the bronze models tend to have a softer, warmer, broader tone than the more direct and punchy sound of a brass AWO1 model.

This first level Yanagisawa has long been popular with upgrading players and also more experienced saxophonists. The price has always been attractive to players wanting a first 'serious' upgrade, although you may find it in some 'intermediate' lists all Yanagisawas are really pro instruments: Handmade in Japan to the most exacting standards with industry leading materials and precision.

The New AWO2 model really does have some major modifications whilst retaining the classic Yanagisawa sound and feel that have made them so popular.

- The bore size and tone hole size and positioning has all been modified. This is the core of how a Sax plays in terms of response, intonation and resonance.

- Yanagisawa are using a different source of brass; the mix and quality of zinc, copper and tin can affect the resonance in particular, much testing was done to ensure the best tonal possibility from a new source of core brass.

- The right hand 'pinky' keys (low Eb + low C) have been modified in shape and feel to faciliate faster finger movement at the bottom of the instrument.

- The front F key has been ergonomically re-designed to sit more easily under the players finger when operated.

- Additional 'feet' have been added under the right hand side keys (Bb, C and high E) - this is to basically give the mechanism more support and a more positive 'feel' for the player when depressing the key.

- The AW range also benefits from a new strengthening plate on the front of the crook, this is essentially to add core weight around the neck area which can result in the player feeling more strength to the sound.

- Finally for body spec changes there has been a new plate added to the left hand palm key area, this should provide some extra resonance (and arguably projection) especially on those notes as it adds core weight to the corresponding area of the tube.

  • Pro level instrument
  • Fully set up in our workshop prior to sale
  • Provided with a 1 year warranty
  • Available on a 14-day home trial period
  • Made in Tokyo, Japan
  • Supplied with case, mouthpiece and ligature
Yanagisawa Saxophone Die Firma Yanagisawa ist bekannt für ihren Ruf für hohe Qualität und Handarbeit. Das Familienerbe reicht bis ins Jahr 1893 zurück, als Tokutaro Yanagisawa in Japan Holzblasinstrumente für Militärbandmitglieder reparierte. 1921 gründete Yanagisawa ihre erste Fabrik zur Herstellung von Trompeten und Kornetten. Während dieser Zeit betreute Tokutaro junge Instrumentenbauer, darunter Kouichi Muramatsu, der schließlich seine eigene Flötenfirma aufbaute. 1951 trat Takutaros Sohn, Takanobu Yanagisawa, in die Fußstapfen seines Vaters und baute seinen ersten Prototypen für ein Saxophon. In den 60er und 70er Jahren entwickelte und baute Yanagisawa neue Saxophonmodelle, darunter das Modell B-6 Bari-Saxophon und das S-6 Sopransaxophon, die ersten ihrer Art, die jemals in Japan gebaut wurden. Seit 1969 ist Yanagisawa vor allem für Innovationen bei Sopran- und Sopranino-Saxophonen bekannt. Die erste Sopranino SN-6, die 1972 gebaut wurde, gehört heute Sonny Rollins. 1985 brachte Yanagisawa das S-880 auf den Markt, das erste Sopransaxophon mit abnehmbarem Hals. 1990 wurde diese Innovation mit dem S-990 fortgesetzt, dem ersten Saxophon mit hoher G-Taste.
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