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Alto Saxophone Yanagisawa AWO33

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Alto Saxophone Yanagisawa AWO33

The New Yanagisawa AW033 model replaces the A9933. As part of the Yanagisawa Solid Silver range the AW033 has a Solid Silver neck and bell, with a standard brass body.

The new AW range from Yanagisawa benefits from the following upgrades:

  • - the body tube bore size and tone hole sizes and positions have all been modified to improve the overall resonance, intonation and response.
  • - the right hand 'pinky' keys (low Eb + low C) have been modified in shape and feel to faciliate faster finger movement at the bottom of the instrument.
  • - the front F key has been ergonomically re-designed to sit more easily under the players finger when operated.
  • - additional 'feet' have been added under the right hand side keys (Bb, C and high E) - this is to basically give the mechanism more support and a more positive 'feel' for the player when depressing the key.

Finishing off the outfit is a new case and new engraving which of course is all wholly aesthetic but a nice touch nonetheless.

All in all these Yanagisawa Solid Silver saxes represent the pinnacle of modern Sax production with a truly unique tone.

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