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Alto Saxphone Mouthpiece Aizen CL

Price: 152,32 € EUR 128.00
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Manufacturer: Aizen
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Alto Saxphone Mouthpiece Aizen CL

This mouthpiece is designed for all classical and grade music players. The perfect choice for all students and professionals. Made from high quality ebonite and100% hand-finished in Japan.

The CL4 is a little more open than the CL3, this can accomodate a slightly softer reed set-up and will give a broader less focused sound, possibly being more versatile for players wanting to cover a variety of styles from Grade playing to Concert Band etc. Equivalent in some ways to a Selmer D or Vandoren AL4.

From Aizen:

"For 5 years, we have done extensive research on vintage and modern classical saxophone mouthpieces. We have taken classical players' opinions into consideration and spent 1000 hours of research and development to finalise this mouthpiece design.

Every mouthpiece is meticulously hand-finished by our master craftsman. As a result we have achieved a superb dynamic range, great playability and response, powerful projection, and a beautiful warm sound that suits most players' demands in both traditional and modern classical music."

  • 100% hand finished in Japan
  • Perfect for grade work and classical playing
  • Would suit first upgrade player working through broad repertoire
  • Based on some of the most popular classical mouthpieces of years gone by
  • Available in CL3 or CL4 sizes