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Мундштук для альт-саксофона Selmer Paris Seles Prologue

Цена: 60,32 € EUR 52.00
цена вкл. 16% НДС без доставки
(цена на экспорт 52,00 €)
Артикул: CA0115
Производитель: Selmer

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Мундштук для альт-саксофона Selmer Paris Seles Prologue

New from Selmer is the Prologue Alto Sax mouthpiece.

Designed for beginners the Selmer is made of a thermoplastic polymer which guarantees accurate manufacturing time after time. The material also offers great acoustic qualities similar to ebonite, which is used on professional mouthpieces, with a little more lightness in the tone.

The facing curve and square internal chamber design ensure that the mouthpiece makes an immediate, clear tone which is easy to produce for a new player.

Supplied with ligature and cap the Selmer Prologue mouthpiece is a great alternative to the Yamaha plastic range of mouthpieces.