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Мундштук для альт-саксофона Selmer S80

Цена: 152,32 € EUR 128.00
цена вкл. 19% НДС без доставки
(цена на экспорт 128,00 €)
Производитель: Selmer
Woodwind Mouthpiece Option:

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Мундштук для альт-саксофона Selmer S80

The S80 series has achieved huge worldwide sales. The square chamber and Selmer facing give a warm, broad and full toned sound. The C*, C** and D models are particularly suited to classical and grade work. Good first upgrade mouthpiece with versatility.

  • Made in Paris, France.
  • Produced from high quality ebonite.
  • Classical Style Alto Sax Mouthpiece.
  • C Opening is very close and particularly suited to a harder reed and classical sound.
Selmer Selmer производитель саксофонов.
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