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Alto Saxphone Mouthpiece Windcraft Faxx Ebonite

Price: 77,35 € EUR 65.00
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(tax free price 65,00 €)
Manufacturer: Windcraft
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Alto Saxphone Mouthpiece Windcraft Faxx Ebonite

The Windcraft Faxx model is a USA made Meyer Style mouthpiece. It is machine produced thus lower price than more expensive hand finished ebonite Alto Sax mouthpieces. It is designed to a classic profile and offers players a great value American jazz and all round style mouthpiece.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Produced from high quality hard rubber (ebonite).
  • Design based on classic Meyer style mouthpiece.
  • The 7M is a fairly open tip size and gives a broader bigger sound but requires more embouchure control than a 5M for exampe. Suits slightly softer reeds.