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Alto Saxphone Mouthpiece Yamaha Plastic

Price: 38,28 € EUR 33.00
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(tax free price 33,00 €)
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Woodwind Mouthpiece Option:

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Alto Saxphone Mouthpiece Yamaha Plastic

This entry level mouthpiece by Yamaha has long been regarded as the industry standard. Very easy to play with good tone production and consistent manufacturing. 4C, 5C and 6C are the most popular models for students and advancing players. The higher the number the larger the tip opening which in simplified terms can require a more developed embouchure but rewards with a bigger sound.

  • Made in Japan.
  • Produced from high quality plastic material.
  • Excellently balanced mouthpiece design, ideal for beginners.
  • 6C tip opening is for players with a developing embouchure as it has a wider tip opening. This suits slightly softer reeds and can produce a bigger feeling sound with less focus.
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