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Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece Vandoren V16

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Baritone Saxophon Mouthpiece Vandoren V16

The Vandoren V16 hard rubber series captures the famous Jazz saxophone sounds of the 1950s and 1960s and defines them for a new generation. Featuring impeccable intonation and articulation, the series is designed to be free-blowing and harmonically colourful with a homogenous, powerful sound and a rich dynamic range.

The V16 B5 has a medium long facing which makes it easy to control and the medium close tip opening gives a centred and focused sound suitable for playing in a variety of styles but most likely Big Band, Concert Band etc.

The V16 B7 also has a medium long facing but with a medium open tip, this allows for a broader and fatter sound but also requires more embouchure strength and experience to control the tone and tuning. Due to the wider tip the B7 suits softer reeds than the B5.

  • Official Vandoren France Product.
  • Produced from high quality ebonite for a pure and consistent sound.
  • Moputhpiece only, not supplied with ligature or cap.
  • Designed for the modern jazz and contemporary Baritone player.
  • B5 is a closer tip and thus more centred sounding and suits a harder reed set-up. The B7 has a wider tip opening and gives a broader sound with arguably more dynamic range.
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