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Baritone Saxophone Selmer III JUBILE

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Baritone Saxophone Selmer III JUBILE

Selmer Baritone Saxophone SERIES III JUBILE GG

Developed with the assistance of Gilles Tressos (Habanera Quartet), the Baritone “Serie III” is a very timbered, rich in overtones, homogeneous instrument over the whole range with fluid transfers. This instrument with a warm sound features a centred sound, flexible and subtle, which suits each type of repertoire, along with the “Serie III” models. A versatile instrument.

  • Key: E-flat.
  • Range: down to low A.
  • Lacquered nickel-silver or silver-plated keywork.
  • Metal (right hand) thumb rest.
  • Blue steel springs.
  • Waterkey: on the upper arm.
  • Leather pads, metal booster without rivet.
  • Finishe: GG (gold lacquer engraved).
  • Integrated peg assembly.
  • Selmer Paris mouthpiece S80 C* with ligature and cap.
  • “Flight” case.
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