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Baritone Saxophone Yanagisawa BWO20

Price: 8.439,00 € EUR 7275.00
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Manufacturer: Yanagisawa
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Baritone Saxophone Yanagisawa BWO20

Yanagisawa BWO20 - Professional

The introduction of bronze allows a before-unheard delicacy and warmth of tone to the baritone without sacrifice of power and projection. This and all the enhanced features found in the BWO10 are present in this bronze version.

Benefitting from the upgraded systems of all the BWO series the BWO20 has double arm low key supports for a stronger low end sound and better pad seating. The pillars are also mounted to long straps that run down the body providing weight and support to the sound and strength to the construction.

A sublime saxophone, the warmth gained by the bronze is because the base copper content is increased. This also results in less zinc which is responsible for projection. So, if you want unrelenting power and projection go for a BWO1, if you want a little more warmth and subtlety go for a BWO2.


Bronze brass lacquered, Low A range, Yanagisawa sway-free mechanism for F auxiliary and low C-sharp keys, which affords better air tightness. Best quality Japanese materials and mechanisms. Supplied with a deluxe woodshell case and quality ebonite mouthpiece.

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