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Bass guitar bridge 3D-8

Price: 74,29 € EUR 62.43
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SKU: SCH12150
Manufacturer: Schaller Electronic
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​Flatmount bridge with adjustable height, intonation and string spacing. 3D-8

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Flatmount bridge with adjustable height, intonation and string spacing (roller bridge saddles). The roller bridge saddles reliably minimize string breakage while maintaining intonation and tuning stability.

3-dimensional adjustment of string height, intonation and string spacing (with roller bridge saddles).
The individual string intonation is set by adjusting the string saddles.
Heavy and precise construction for extra long sustain.
Variable overall height with spacer (3mm or 4mm).
You can use the screw on the treble side to fix the string saddles in place so that they don't knock together and rattle when aggressive playing techniques are used.
The guitar or bass strings lie on low-friction roller saddles which prevent the strings from breaking.
This means the string spacing can be adjusted flexibly.

All bridges are supplied with a 3mm baseplate and screws as standard; alternatively, they can also be ordered with a 4mm baseplate.

Technical characteristics
Model 3-demensional
Support Reels
Surface Nickel, Chrome, SatinChrome, BlackChrome, Gold, Ruthenium, SatinPearl, VintageCopper
Type Bridge 8 Strings
Measurements l x w x h (mm) 80x57x15
Weight g/item 200