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Bb/F/Gb-G/D-Eb Triple-Bass-Zugposaune Courtois Legend AC551BHLR Large bell

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Artikelcode: AC551BHLR-1-0
Hersteller: Antoine Courtois
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Bb/F/Gb-G/D-Eb Triple-Bass-Zugposaune Courtois Legend AC551BHLR "The New Yorker"

The AC550BH Legend series features the Hagmann system for bass trombone. Swiss manufacturer Rene Hagmann was the first to partner with Courtois and develop the system that is winning more players every day due to its uniform blow, easy response, and clarity through the valve registers. The 9 1/2″ one piece yellow brass bell is clear and focused with plent of finesse and power. The handslide is .562 bore and fetures an ergonomic hand grip.

Antoine Courtois Legend AC551BHLR-1-0 "The New Yorker" (Bb/F/Gb or G/D or Eb.  With removable second tuningslide to tune G or Gb. Large gold brass bell.)


  • Key:  Bb/F/Gb or G/D or Eb
  • Removable second tuningslide to tune G or Gb.
  • Two Hagmann free flow valves
  • Professional model
  • Removable gold brass bell
  • Brass outer slide with nickel silver sleeves
  • Dual bore 14,33 - 14.43 mm (0.564"/0.568")
  • Bell Ø 267 mm (10.51")
  • Waterkey
  • Lacquered
  • Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, hard case

Andrew Duncan "Concerto pour trombone" Trombone solo : Thomas Callaux