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Bb Trumpet B&S Challenger X- Line JBX-S "eXquisite" (silver plated)

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Manufacturer: B&S
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B&S  Challenger X- Line Bb Trumpet with 3 piston valves JBX-S "eXquisite" (silver plated)

The quick responding JBX is the result of Chris Jaudes‘ input. This instrument allows the lead player to exceed the demands of the toughest gig.

All "B&S" Challenger special custom Bb-Trumpets are equipped with boxed springs, monel pistons, handhammered one piece bell, nickelsilver outer slides, ring and stopper on 3rd valve slide, saddle on 1st valve slide, waterkey on 3rd valve slide and on main tuning slide.


  • Bb-Trumpet
  • B&S Challenger X-Line
  • 11,66mm/0.459" ML bore
  • 125mm/4.921"bell #43
  • light weight bell
  • French bead wire
  • one piece reversed lead pipe
  • silver plated
  • double wood case