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Bb Trumpet Yamaha YTR-9335 NYS Xeno Artist

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Manufacturer: Yamaha
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Bb Trumpet Yamaha YTR-9335NYS Xeno Artist

The Yamaha YTR-8335NYS is a heavyweight Bb Trumpet, featuring a durable silver-plated finish and a yellow brass bell, giving superior tone and projection.

Xeno (pronounced 'Zeno') trumpets are designed for those who want power and projection as well as a big warm sound. Developed from more than 30 years' research with leading artists throughout the world, Xeno trumpets incorporate their dreams, their experience, and their talents-as realised through the skills and ideas of some of the world's best designers and crafts persons.

Traditional hand-craftsmanship augmented by cutting edge manufacturing technology has created an extraordinary quality of unprecedented consistency.

The Xeno's heavyweight construction produces a solid tone core for a rich strong sound that won't spread or break up no matter how hard it is pushed. It blows freely and comfortably, while still providing enough air resistance for quick response and superb tonal flexibility. And the hand-hammered one-piece bell gives an agile, quick response with a beautiful tone.

Xeno Artist Model "New York" Series

Robert Sullivan was Yamaha's main consultant for the NY Series project. Sullivan is an outstanding trumpeter and educator. The project began while he was assistant principal in the New York Philharmonic, and the collaboration was carried out simultaneously as Yamaha developed the CH trumpets in Chicago. The technical secrets learned from the two projects were combined together helping Yamaha learn even more about tonal colors, projection, intonation, and everything else needed to create a truly expressive instrument.

Special Features

The bell is one of its most important elements. Similar to the CH Series, the wall thickness gradually tapers, thinning as it gets closer to the rim. The flat dome style rim is wider than on most modern trumpet bell rims, which helps hold the sound together even at extreme dynamics. And the seam of the bell is aligned with the braces to improve tonal projection.

The new shape of top and bottom valve caps and the skeletonized interior valve stems contribute greatly to the flexible response of the trumpet.

The braces between the bell, valve casing, and leadpipe are smaller bringing the parts closer together, which gives a natural vibrancy to the entire trumpet.

The 3rd valve slide stopper has been moved to allow extended slide play for a low F or to facilitate alternative fingerings. The C trumpet has an oversized button on the end of the slide to fine-tune the blowing resistance while the Bb has a smaller button.

The leadpipes are based on Bob Malone's own design (MC2 for C, MB2 for Bb). They are also one of the more crucial components of the trumpet, and you will find that notes slot easily and comfortably in all ranges, with exceptionally accurate intonation and an open feeling response.


  • Silver-plated finish
  • Yellow brass one piece bell
  • Heavyweight creating a bigger, warmer and more powerful sound
  • Medium large bore (11.65mm)
  • 123mm bell diameter
  • Top sprung hand lapped Monal valves
  • 1st valve thumb hook giving the player an option to adjust tuning in the higher registers
  • Fixed 3rd valve finger ring offering a better feel and improved tone
  • Yamaha TR17B4 mouthpiece
  • Excellent quality hard case can hold 2 trumpets or 1 trumpet & 1 cornet or mutes etc
Yamaha Xeno
Yamaha Xeno
Yamaha Xeno
Yamaha Xeno
Yamaha Case
Yamaha Case