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DPA d:screet 4071-OL-C-B00 miniature microphone

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SKU: DPA25557
Manufacturer: DPA
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DPA d:screet 4071-OL-C-B00 miniature microphone

DPA d: screet 4071-OL-C-B00 miniature microphone, black, omnidirectional, MicroDot, Loud SPL, Presence Boost

The DPA d: screet 4071 is a miniature omnidirectional condenser microphone that was specially developed for actors in the TV and film sector. Its frequency response with lowering of lower frequencies and increasing presence has been optimized for clear voice reproduction when the microphone is worn on the body and hidden. The result is a better sounding microphone - on the go as well as on the set. Placing a microphone on an actor's chest causes decreased clarity in the sound image. In order to achieve optimal intelligibility in speech, this inconspicuous microphone has a tailor-made frequency response with a permanent 5 dB soft boost at 4-6 kHz. This so-called "presence range" is the part of the spectrum in which the human ear reacts most sensitively - and at the same time the decisive frequency range for speech intelligibility, clarity and definition. The lowering in the bass range increases the headroom in the entire signal path, as it is implemented acoustically directly on the capsule - in front of the preamplifier and the wireless transmitter.


  • Omnidirectional
  • especially for actors in the TV and film sector
  • clear voice reproduction
  • can be worn hidden
  • Presence range 5 dB soft boost at 4-6 kHz (Precence Boost)

Technical specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Characteristic: ball
  • including cable 1.8m
  • Connection: MicroDot
  • Dimensions: 17mm
  • Weight: 0.0075kg