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Flugelhorn Antoine Courtois AC154 Professional Laquer

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Flugelhorn Antoine Courtois AC154 Professional Laquer

Flugelhorn Antoine Courtois Paris AC154 Professional. The AC155 Professionel Series features a .413-inch bore and direct air column design through the valveblock. The AC155 also features a 6.6-inch bell plus 1st and 3rd valve slide triggers for easy intonation adjustment.
The Antoine Courtois Professional Series 154 flugelhorn offers players a full, dark sound with rich colors through its authentic French design and influences.
With its small bore and large bell, the model 154 flugelhorn has the perfect warmth of sound and versatility, which is especially good for brass bands. Antoine Courtois employs incredible quality and experience of brass instrument making with over 200 years of history in manufacturing.


  • key of Bb
  • .413"- 10,5 mm bore
  • 6.69"- 170 mm bell in Yellow Brass
  • Monel valves
  • vertical valve slides
  • with 3rd valve slide triggers
  • direct air column design through valveblock

Flugelhorn Antoine Courtois AC155 Professional