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Флейта Miyazawa PB202RE - Open Hole

Цена: 3.334,38 € EUR 2802.00
цена вкл. 19% НДС без доставки
(цена на экспорт 2.802,00 €)
Артикул: PB-202RE
Производитель: Miyazawa
Отправка: в течение 1-2 недель

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The Miyazawa PB-202RE Flute is a professional sounding open hole model that is affordable and extremely playable.

Ideal for the advancing player, the Miyazawa PB-202RE Flute is responsive and produces a clear sound with easy projection. The Silver Headjoint gives warmth and colour to the sound, allowing the player a good degree of tonal expression and dynamic control, whilst the beautifully crafted mechanism responds easily to the lightest of touches.

Instrument Specifications:
  • Open Hole
  • Headjoint: Handcut .925 Solid Silver
  • Hand-finished flute
  • Body: Silver Plated
  • Mechanism: Silver Plated
  • Offset G key
  • Split E mechanism
  • Footjoint: C
  • French-style 'pointed' key-arms
  • Partial 'Brögger System™' mechanism
  • Includes leatherette-bound wood case and maintenance accessories