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Flute Muramatsu EX-E

3.741,36 € EUR 3144.00 Price: 3.891,30 €
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Manufacturer: Muramatsu
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The Muramatsu EX-E Flute is a very popular instrument, with a unique rich, velvety sound and outstanding mechanism. This model comes with closed holes.

It looks good, has a wonderfully warm tone, is easy to play and very reliable. A real joy!

The Muramatsu EX-E Flute plays with ease because of its handcut silver headjoint combined with a silver plated German silver body and footjoint.

Its tone is silky, beautiful and full. It is the ultimate introductory model to the family of handmade Muramatsu flutes.

The Muramatsu EX-E Flute is an excellent flute with a touch of luxury and all the necessary functions to bring out the best in any performance.

Instrument Specifications:
  • Closed Hole
  • Offset G key
  • Split E mechanism
  • Footjoint: C
  • Hand-finished
  • Headjoint: Hand-cut .925 solid silver
  • Body and Mechanism: Silver-plated
  • French-style 'pointed' key-arms
  • Includes leatherette-bound wood case and maintenance accessories