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Flute Pearl 795RE Elegante - Open Hole

2.510,90 € EUR 2110.00 Price: 2.612,05 €
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SKU: 795RE
Manufacturer: Pearl
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Flute Pearl 795RE Elegante - Open Hole

The Pearl 795RE Elegante flute has always been one of Pearl’s most successful models, due to its handmade workmanship, precise intonation and brilliant projecting sound.

This flute offers the advanced student or serious amateur flautist a positive, big sound with excellent mechanics. This hand-finished instrument would be ideal as a 2nd or 3rd flute, due to the improved tonal depth and interest provided by the solid .925 sterling silver head joint, body and foot joint.


  • hand-finished
  • solid .925 sterling silver head joint, body and foot joint
  • silver plated mechanism
  • drawn tone holes
  • offset G (with split E)
  • Forza head joint

Pearl’s Elegante series expertly demonstrates Pearl’s commitment to accuracy of pitch and flexible articulation. The series has been in the Pearl line for over a decade, providing countless flautists with unrivalled confidence. The Forza head joint in this outfit produces unbelievable projection combined with a dazzling rich tone.

This particular instrument has open holes (French or Ring keys) through the middle of keys A, G, F, E and D. This feature is particularly useful for extended techniques (such as quarter-tones and note slides), as well as encouraging an accurate hand position.

Like all Pearl flutes, their exclusive pinless mechanism is at the heart of the mechanics of this instrument. This design feature significantly reduces the levels of perspiration and body acid that can enter the mechanism, which almost eliminates the corrosion and binding of keys.

This instrument also comes with French pointed key-arms, which means that the key-arms run all the way into the centre of the keys, combining elegance with strength, stability and speed.

In addition, this flute has a one-piece core-bar construction, which results in an extremely reliable mechanism that plays more comfortably, stays in adjustment, and is far easier to service than traditionally constructed flutes!

This flute comes with an elegant French style wooden case, plush-lined case cover with shoulder strap, cleaning rod and several cleaning cloths.