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Flute Yamaha YFL-211

Price: 602,14 € EUR 506.00
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Manufacturer: Yamaha
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YFL-211UK Flute - Student The YFL-211 is widely acknowledged to be THE student flute outfit. No other flute comes close in terms of quality of manufacture, materials and durability, and teachers across the country recommend it for being free blowing and able to produce an extremely good tone even at the first note.

There have been a number of improvements made to the padding and set-up of the instrument in the last few years making sure that it stays at the top of the student class. The embouchure hole on the headjoint is a patented Yamaha design and it really makes blowing and producing a tone as easy as possible.

Simply put, you really get what you pay for here and there is a good reason the majority of teachers would start any new player on a Yamaha given the choice.

Specifications: This flute is made of durable nickel silver with an attractive silver-plate finish. Split E mechanism, silver plated headjoint, body and keywork, supplied with hard case and cover with handle.

Flute Yamaha YFL-211
Flute Yamaha YFL-211
Flute Yamaha YFL-211
Flute Yamaha YFL-211
Flute Yamaha YFL-211
Flute Yamaha YFL-211
Flute Yamaha YFL-211