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Gold mounted Bow for Viola Paesold PA471HVA

Price: 3.933,56 € EUR 3391.00
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(tax free price 3.391,00 €)
Manufacturer: Roderich Paesold

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Gold mounted Viola Bow with Frog from Buffalo Horn Paesold PA471HV

Paesold PA471HVA. Bow for Viola with Pernambuco Stick.
Master craftmanship, outstanding pernambuco, round, 14kt. gold mounted, frog buffalo horn with Parisian eye, 3-part button.

Brandstamp Roderich Paesold***

Paesold Viola Bow (PA471HVA)

  • Stick: Pernambuco
  • Frog: Buffalo Horn
  • Wood quality: AAA+
  • Shape: Round
  • Tip: Mammoth
  • Lapping: Navette Bordeaux
  • Winding: 14kt Gold Wire
  • Mounting Material: 14kt Gold
  • Ornamentation: Parisian Eye
  • Button: 3 Part
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