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Pickup Schaller S94

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SKU: SCH16100101
Manufacturer: Schaller Electronic
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Pickup Schaller S94

This pickup for electric guitars is an improved alternative to the popular single-coil types, known under the name "P90". It scans the string at a point off like a SingleCoil type, so typical of the usual humbucker frequency gaps do not occur. through However, using two coils in a special arrangement it is hum-free. thanks Casting in resin, it is also extremely microphonics.

It can also be very good in Recording studios are used where absolute freedom is important background noise. It provides a rich, the aggressive sound and is very versatile in pop, blues, jazz and rock.
Other than the usual four-wire output allows series connection of the two coils and a Parallel, resulting in a brighter, "single-coil" sound typical results. also, a Phase reversal in relation to other pickups is possible, so that a total of many different sounds can be achieved.

Electrical Specifications: 14.1 kOhm resistor in series, inductance 5.6 serial Henry, maximum
achievable resonant peak (Q-factor) 2.5 (8 dB).