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High-Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet Custom J. Scherzer 8112ST-S

Price: 4.879,00 € EUR 4100.00
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SKU: JS8112ST-2-0
Manufacturer: Johannes Scherzer
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High-Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet Custom J. Scherzer 8112ST-S

The J. Scherzer 8112 rotary valve piccolo trumpet in Bb/A allows ease of playing with a warm and comforting sound, ideal for mastering the Baroque trumpet repertoire. With its high quality of German craftsmanship, Johannes Scherzer has a deep family history of making brass instruments for over 100 years: In 1900, Emil Knoth founded and ran the Rino workshop in Marknuekirchen until his son, Kurt Knoth, took over and eventually put the business in the very capable hands of his nephew, Johannes. Ever since, J. Scherzer has been manufacturing only the highest quality hand-crafted rotary valve trumpets.


  • Key: High-Bb/A
  • sterling silver bell
  • 4 rotary valves
  • Bore Ø.409"
  • Bell Ø3.937"
  • 4 conical rotary valves
  • 3B™ linkage system
  • 3rd valve slide trigger
  • adjustable hand/thumb rest
  • 1 lever-style on 4th valve slide
  • 4 exchangeable lead pipe tapers (3 in Bb, 1 in A)
  • sterling silver „ST“ lead pipe
  • yellow brass „MS“ lead pipe
  • silver plated
  • double wooden case

Additional options

  • Gold plated tumpet