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Klassik String Ligature German Mouthpiece Fit- Plastic Cap

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Artikelcode: ALC027P
Hersteller: Vandoren

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Vandoren, a French based company, make some of the most popular mouthpieces and reeds for clarinettists and saxophonists, and their selection of ligatures are just as popular.

Vandoren’s Klassik String ligatures offer a perfectly centred sound, due to their precise fit around the mouthpiece. The woven ligature is easy to fit and adjust, whilst ensuring consistent hold and pressure on the reed.

This Vandoren Bb Clarinet Ligature is:

  • Made in France
  • Made from woven string
  • Provided with a plastic cap, to protect your reed when not in use
  • Fits most plastic, and ebonite German and Austrian style clarinet mouthpieces
  • Available for Bb and Bb German system clarinet mouthpieces

This ligature would be suitable for any intermediate or professional player, looking for a top-quality ligature to facilitate a perfectly centred sound.