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Larsen Tzigane A струна для скрипки

Цена: 19,04 € EUR 16.00
цена вкл. 19% НДС без доставки
(цена на экспорт 16,00 €)
Артикул: G631.37
Производитель: Larsen
Отправка: в течение 1-2 недель


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Larsen Tzigane A струна для скрипки

The Larsen Tzigane
  • A - Nylon/ Aluminium
Directly inspired by Ravel's Tzigane and so delivering a smooth,richly saturated sound with an overlay of sensual warmth. Rapidly played in and eminently playable with excellent focus and projection.
A mellow accompaniment for the brighter to neutral sounding instrument.

Larsen Tzigane® for Violin

The strings are offered in three tensions, soft, medium and strong.The strong tension strings offer the most volume and resistance to the bow. For very bright sounding violins, Tzigane® strong tension is the ideal choice.

String Details

The Tzigane® G, D and A strings are made using a multifilament nylon core.
The G and D strings are wound with precision rolled pure silver flat wire, the A string with aluminium.
The E string is made of a unique carbon steel.

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