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Oboe Buffet Crampon Orfeo Green Line BC3663G-2-0

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Artikelcode: BC3663G-2-0
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Oboe Buffet Crampon Orfeo Green Line BC3663G-2-0

Oboe Buffet Crampon Orfeo Green Line BC3663G-2-0
Orfeo comes to us out of a collaboration between the Buffet Crampon Research and Development team and a group comprising testers, masters and soloists from renowned international orchestras. Its entire register creates a sensation of excitement with incomparable low tones, consistent over the whole range, and a wonderfully easy flow.
Orfeo combines reliable modern materials with the tradition of handmade craftsmanship. Indeed, GreenLinE is used to the maximum of its technical capacity. With the wood version, the acoustical range is broadened, all the while maintaining a balance between register, intonation and mechanism. Playing comfort remains the same, while wood has more warmth. In this range, oboists will find the instrument best suited to their personality, demands and feeling for the material. It is even conceivable to have both versions and switch between the two according to the interpretation of the piece to take advantage of the different acoustical qualities.
This new instrument joins the Prestige models in the professional range of oboes. This marks a major achievement in the Buffet Crampon brand’s history as much on a human as a technological level. It is a true reflection of the alliance between the heritage of French instrument making, the close relationship between Buffet Crampon and great musicians from all over the world, and state of the art technology to the benefit of all.

Technical Haracteristics

  • Key: C
  • Pitch: 440 — 443 Hz
  • semi-automatic
  • Green Line
  • black tip rings
  • tenon caps
  • French conservatoire system
  • 3 octave keys, semi-automatic
  • left hand F lever
  • highly reliable keywork, silver-plated nickel silver
  • adjustable thumb rest (new design)
  • cork
  • GT (bottom notes)
  • High Tech metallic silver and black leather
  • thumbplate keys
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