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Piccolo Trumpet Yamaha YTR-6810S

2.828,63 € EUR 2377.00 Price: 3.109,47 €
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Manufacturer: Yamaha
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Piccolo Trumpet Yamaha YTR-6810S

The YTR-6810S is a professional model piccolo trumpet with a smaller bell and bore size ideal for solo and chamber music. It has a 4th valve and comes with an extra leadpipe to play in A. Normally a high ticket item only the this model makes playing the piccolo trumpet accessible to many more trumpet players.

There are very few makes of piccolo trumpet similar to this model due to its excellent value and user friendly appeal. The YTR-6810S has 4 in-line valves, which is what a lot of players still prefer that offer an easy and smooth action. Tone quality is all-important on an instrument as small as this and players won.