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Plastic Flute Nuvo jFlute Student - White

Price: 159,46 € EUR 134.00
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SKU: TB3817
Manufacturer: Nuvo
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Nuvo Flute outfit in white with grey collar. Fully adjustable curved head joint enables children as young as 5 to begin learning.

Patented removable lip plate system allowing various styles to be used on the same head joint. Locked crown and plug assembly prevents accidental removal.

Removable key extensions for left hand middle, ring and pinky fingers giving extra comfort for small hands.

Friction pads for left index finger and right thumb giving extra comfort for long practice and performance sessions.

All key caps can be replaced for colour customisation and to create teaching aids.

D# key is on main body so student can play without a foot joint.

High grade, low friction stainless steel rods for durability and fast action hex head stainless steel adjustment screws - tool included.

Lightweight body construction using advanced polymer resins. Approximately 60% of the weight of a metal flute.

All keys and springs made from a low friction polymer resin blend for durability and ease of maintenance

Now children as young as 5 years can begin on a real flute designed with them in mind. The ultra-light construction and interchangeable parts mean that the Nuvo Flute will grow with the student, and the "Firstnote" mouthpiece means they can get a good sound from the first try. Suitable for beginners of any age.

The patented Firstnote lip plate may be beneficial for some very young students in the early stages of learning. It enables students to get a tone right from the very start. This is very encouraging. It can be clicked on and off with ease. The standard lip plate can be introduced when the student is ready.