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Plastic Flute Nuvo Student SE Pink

Price: 185,64 € EUR 156.00
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SKU: CA0056
Manufacturer: Nuvo
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Now children as young as 5 years can begin on a real flute designed with them in mind. The ultra-light construction and interchangeable parts mean that the Nuvo Flute will grow with the student, and the "Firstnote" mouthpiece means they can get a good sound from the first try.

Suitable for beginners of any age.This instrument is ideal for the very young beginner, having the curved head joint and the mini foot joint. It is easy to repair, washable, durable and ultra-light. Keys clip on and off and pads are auto-sealing. Comes with the "Firstnote" clip-on lip-plate with mouthpiece to allow beginners to get a good sound instantly while learning the fingering and posture required to play the flute. The student can then learn the flute embouchure as they progress. The instruments can be personalised by adding the colourful key clips available.

The patented Firstnote lip plate may be beneficial for some very young students in the early stages of learning. It enables students to get a tone right from the very start. This is very encouraging. It can be clicked on and off with ease. The standard lip plate can be introduced when the student is ready.

Use the tool supplied to lever the lip plate off the head joint. Then simply snap on the new lip plate with a firm squeeze. You will hear it click into position and you can check it is air tight by blocking the end hole of the head joint and blowing directly into the embouchure hole.

After each time you play, it's always best to give your flute a good clean using the stick and pull-through supplied. From time to time you can give your flute a bath in some warm soapy water. This is particularly recommended in a school environment where a number of children may be using each instrument. Don't be afraid to use lots of water, your Nuvo flute loves it! You can even play in the shower or outside in the rain!