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Strings for Classical Guitar Knobloch Actives 200ADQ Low Tension Double Silver Nylon Q.Z.

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SKU: PA66196
Manufacturer: Knobloch Strings
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Strings for Classical Guitar Knobloch Actives 200ADQ Low Tension QZ

Strings for Classical Guitar Knobloch DOUBLE SILVER NYLON Q.Z.


For nylon string enthusiasts the producer paired the newly adapted Knobloch Active Q.Z. basses with the new generation of more refined and sweeter Nylon Q.Z. trebles.
 The result is balanced volume and string diameter which produces a rich, round and pure sound.

6 Strings Set

200ADQ Knobloch Actives 200 Low Tension Q.Z. Set
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Супер струны!

Струны в которые я влюбился очень серьезно! Очень яркие и в то же время богатые струны. Быстро растягиваются, хорошо держат строй. Звучат очень ровно и чисто.

Knobloch Strings
Knobloch Strings - strings for classical guitar.