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Tenor Saxophone Yanagisawa T991

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SKU: T991
Manufacturer: Yanagisawa
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Tenor Saxophone Yanagisawa T991

Yanagisawa T991 - Professional

With resonance and a refined sound the 991 series has outstanding evenness of intonation over its entire range at all dynamic levels.

The 991 series has various upgrades over the cheaper 901 series: The double arm support on the low keys ensures better pad seating and a stronger low end sound. The pillars that hold the keys in place are mounted onto strong support straps that run the length of the instrument, this adds weight and support to the body and influences the carrying power of the tone.

Also the 991 series has an underslung neck for less resistance in the response and more reliable mechanics.


  • Yanagisawa sway-free mechanism for F auxiliary and low C-sharp keys, which affords better air tightness
  • best quality Japanese materials and mechanisms
  • supplied with a deluxe woodshell case and quality ebonite mouthpiece