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Тенор саксофон Yanagisawa TWO1U

Цена: 3.332,02 € EUR 2800.02
цена вкл. 19% НДС без доставки
(цена на экспорт 2.800,02 €)
Артикул: BA0218
Производитель: Yanagisawa
Отправка: в течение 1-2 недель

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Тенор саксофон Yanagisawa TWO1U

The New Yanagisawa TWO1 range replaces the long standing T901 series. This unlacquered version is a polished raw brass and as such will tarnish within months giving that unlacquered vintage look to the Sax. The unlacquered models tend to play a little brighter than the normal lacquer models as there is no restrictive layer covering the raw brass.

This first level Yanagisawa has long been popular with upgrading players and also more experienced saxophonists. The price has always been attractive to players wanting a first 'serious' upgrade, although you may find it in some 'intermediate' lists all Yanagisawas are really pro instruments: Handmade in Japan to the most exacting standards with industry leading materials and precision.

The New TWO1 range really does have some major modifications whilst retaining the classic Yanagisawa sound and feel that have made them so popular.

- The bore size and tone hole size and positioning has all been modified. This is the core of how a Sax plays in terms of response, intonation and resonance.

- Yanagisawa are using a different source of brass; the mix and quality of zinc and copper can affect the resonance in particular, much testing was done to ensure the best tonal possibility from a new source of core brass.

- The right hand 'pinky' keys (low Eb + low C) have been modified in shape and feel to faciliate faster finger movement at the bottom of the instrument.

- The front F key has been ergonomically re-designed to sit more easily under the players finger when operated.

- Additional 'feet' have been added under the right hand side keys (Bb, C and high E) - this is to basically give the mechanism more support and a more positive 'feel' for the player when depressing the key.

- The TW range also benefits from a new strengthening plate on the front of the crook, this is essentially to add core weight around the neck area which can result in the player feeling more strength to the sound.

- Finally for body spec changes there has been a new plate added to the left hand palm key area, this should provide some extra resonance (and arguably projection) especially on those notes as it adds core weight to the corresponding area of the tube.

Finishing off the outfit is a new case and new engraving which of course is all wholly aesthetic but a nice touch nonetheless.

In summary this new Yanagisawa TW series raises the bar for most of the competition and is a serious range of Saxophones to look at for anybody upgrading or wishing to purchase a pro model. The TWO1 and TWO2 have less ribs and plates running down the body than the TWO10 and TWO20, this tends to make them feel a little more lively and responsive but without the same depth of sound.


  • semi-pro level instrument
  • fully set up in our workshop prior to sale
  • provided with a 1 year warranty, supplied with case and ebonite mouthpiece
  • made in Tokyo, Japan
Yanagisawa саксофоны Yanagisawa стал известен своей репутацией благодаря высокому качеству и ручной работе. Семейное наследие восходит к 1893 году, когда Токутаро Yanagisawa ремонтировал деревянные духовые инструменты в Японии для членов военного оркестра. В 1921 году Yanagisawa основал свою первую фабрику по производству труб и корнетов. В это время Токутаро был наставником молодых производителей инструментов, включая Коити Мурамацу, который в конечном итоге основал свою собственную компанию по производству флейт. В 1951 году сын Такутаро, Таканобу Yanagisawa, пошел по стопам отца и построил свой первый прототип саксофона. В 60-х и 70-х годах Yanagisawa разработал и построил новые модели саксофонов, включая саксофон B-6 bari и сопрано-саксофон S-6, первые в истории саксофоны такого типа, которые были произведены в Японии. С 1969 года Yanagisawa стал наиболее известен своими инновациями в саксофонах сопрано и сопранино. Первое сопранино SN-6, построенное в 1972 году, теперь принадлежит Сонни Роллинзу. В 1985 году Yanagisawa выпустил S-880, первый саксофон-сопрано со съемным грифом. В 1990 году это нововведение было продолжено с S-990, первым саксофоном с высокой тональностью G.
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