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Tenor Saxphone Mouthpiece Aizen LS Titanium

Price: 423,64 € EUR 356.00
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Manufacturer: Aizen
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Tenor Saxphone Mouthpiece Aizen LS Titanium

The Aizen LS Tenor Sax Titanium model is a hybrid mix of pure Titanium and the original resin material of this mouthpiece.

Modelled on the vintage Otto Link Slant Signature models that are so sought after, the Aizen LS model has a large chamber and a vintage Link facing curve style. Produces a rich, dark and warm sound. Perfect for all genres of jazz, big band and produces that classic Tenor sound many search for. We really love these Aizen mouthpieces due to the total ease of blowing and authentic sound.

From Aizen:

"After much experimentation we mixed Pure Titanium metal into our original ebonite mouthpiece material. This Titanium adds extra edge, power and projection to the original mouthpiece material.

Very easy to control from pp to ff and with plenty of power when need. The Titanium range of Mouthpieces are grey in colour due to the mixed compound and include sparkles of flecked titanium with gold engravings."

  • 100% Made in Japan
  • The LS has a rich, warm and pure Tenor Sax tone
  • The added Titanium adds a little extra bite, punch and projection to the sound
  • Modelled on the vintage Link Slant Signature range of mouthpieces