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Tenor Saxphone Mouthpiece Navarro Maestra Marble

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Manufacturer: Rafael Navarro
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Tenor Saxphone Mouthpiece Navarro Maestra Marble

The Rafel Navarro 'Maestra' evolved from an insatiable quest to achieve a classic, traditional tenor sound, based upon the great jazz mouthpieces of the 1940’s and early 50’s.

The Maestra is the perfect choice for a player looking for the elusive tenor sound of yesterday, but with a bit more power and overall projection.

Players can expect a rich and resonant sounding mouthpiece with a high degree of expressiveness. If you are striving for a classic “jazz tenor sound,” look no further than the Maestra...

Optimal Proportions:

A smooth table meets the carefully finished medium side rails. Then an ideal curve is put on every mouthpiece for ultimate performance. Normal ligatures fit this body.

Baffle & Chamber:

A low baffle transitions through the floor into a large chamber. Scooped sidewalls are carefully sculpted with a constant transition into the chamber. This enables a classic jazz, full-bodied tone similar to mouthpieces from the 40’s and early 50’s.

Chamber & Bore:

A straight bore is connected in a smooth transition to the large chamber of the mouthpiece. This delivers a full, rich tone by eliminating the tubbiness and back bore lash caused by tapered bores


The body is carved from one solid rod of the highest quality German hard rubber. Through the manufacturing process incredible energy is packed into each rod. Which in turn translates to remarkably rich overtones that have to be experienced to be believed.

Control & Feel:

A perfect design parametric enables an ideal match of the body and core. Its classic beak provides optimal feel and allows for excellent control of your sound. Normal tenor ligatures fit this body.

The Maestra tenor mouthpiece started as a copy of an 1950’s Otto Link Slant Signature which we all know is the mark of greatness in terms of sound. Navarro however; has improved on the curve length and baffle combination allowing this Maestra to have more volume, color range and playability when comparing to the old vintage Otto Link Slant Signature while still having that Classic Stan Getz, Zoot Zims sound.

The Maestra is currently being played by, Bobby Martinez, Bob Franceschini, Joel Frahm, Walt Weiskopf, and so many other great saxophone players in the world. All of them are amazed by its response and range of power and colors it offers while remaining extremely flexible and easy to play.