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Trombone Mute Humes and Berg Bucket 8in

Price: 57,12 € EUR 48.00
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Manufacturer: Humes & Berg

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One of the most classic mutes of all time. The Humes & Berg has been the go-to Bucket Mute for decades and it has been used by professional Trombonists since the glory days of the Big Bands, such as Ellington and Basie, through to current day users at all levels.

Known as the velvetone mute as well as the bucket mute the Humes & Berg gives a beautiful soft sound without causing intonation issues. Humes & Berg mutes have been in production since 1935 and many are made in exactly the same way all these years later to ensure that classic sound is produced.

  • Humes & Berg Mute No.160A
  • Designed to fit Tenor Trombone bells with a size of 8 inches
  • Also known as Velvetone Mute
  • Gives a soft warm tone ideal for Big Band section and muted solo playing work
  • Official Humes & Berg USA product
Humes & Berg Accessories for Wind Instruments The Humes & Berg company produces mutes for brass instruments. All Humes & Berg products are available at a very attractive price. If a specific product is not available on our website, you can get in contact with us and we will inform you if it is possible to order it.
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