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Front Action Tuba CC Sovereign Besson BE995

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SKU: BE995
Manufacturer: Besson
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CC Front Action Tuba, 5-Valve, Full Size, Sovereign Besson BE995

BE995 Sovereign CC Tuba Besson. France. The Besson Sovereign 995 CC tuba is continuing to win admirers around the world.This five-valve front action full size CC tuba is an astonishing instrument, combining an embracing powerful sound with excellent intonation and easy handling. Many of the leading orchestral tuba players in the world adore this instrument, finding it negotiates even the hardest orchestral excerpts with ease.It is ergonomically comfortable for the performer, sitting well without causing discomfort with everything in the ‘right’ position.
  • BE995-1-0 lacquer outfit
  • BE995-2-0 silver plated


  •     Key: CC
  •     Bore: .748" ( 19 mm )
  •     Hand-made bell in yellow brass
  •     Bell diameter: 19" ( 483 mm )
  •     Weight: 23lb ( 10 500 g )
  •     5 compensating valves – Frontal action
  •     4 piston valves + 1 rotary valve
  •     4 waterkeys
  •     Finishes: clear lacquer or bright silverplate

Front Action Tuba CC Sovereign Besson BE995

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