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Clarinet Mouthpiece with Silver Ligature and Plastic Cap

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Manufacturer: Vandoren

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Clarinet Mouthpiece with Silver Ligature and Plastic Cap

The new Masters series Vandoren mouthpieces are a step out of the usual bore and geometry of the standard Vandoren range.

The new bore and chamber design offer players a mouthpiece that references the vintage American tonal qualities of a Kasper of Chedeville. The slightly enlarged outer body gives the mouthpiec a new profile and the various internal changes reward the player with an easy blowing feel and great intonation. The 13 series model is designed to play at A440 or 'American Pitch', this can be useful if you are consistently sharp on a European made clarinet, the 13 series will flatten your pitch.

The CL5 model is known for its round, full sound with plenty of projection. This outfit also comes supplied with a silver plated MO Vandoren ligature. This slimline ligature offers the player a very free and flexible response.

Vandoren sugges the CL5 would suit the following reed set-ups, we find this is generally correct for more advanced players but intermediate players may wish to take these suggestions down half a strength or so:

  • Vandoren Classic Blue Box 3-3.5
  • Vandoren V12 3-3.5+
  • Vandoren Rue L'Epic 3.5-4