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Wabeco B1200 Drilling stand with machine vice

Price: 95,94 € EUR 82.71
incl. VAT 16% without shipping cost
(tax free price 82,71 €)
SKU: WB-22305
Manufacturer: Wabeco
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Steel column Ø 30 mm
Travel Z-axis 260 mm
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Wabeco B1200 Drilling stand with machine vice


  • Solid steel column Ø 30 mm
  • for drilling of vertical holes

Working range

  • Travel Z-axis 260 mm

Steel column rotates through 360°

  • The steel column can be rotated through 360° in the base plate and can be locked in any position enabling work to be performed from all sides. Also suitable for processing larger workpieces.

Machine support

  • for mounting drive units with Euronorm Ø 43 mm
  • equipped with the WABECO clamping device (optional item no. 22312) that enable drilling machines to also be clamped horizontally

Depth stop

  • with a depth stop for drilling the workpiece to precisely the same drilling depth every time


  • for processing wood and plastic
Wabeco 22312 [ru]Зажимное устройство[/ru][en]Clamping device[/en][de]Spannvorrichtung[/de] Wabeco 22312 Clamping device

20,71 € (17,85 € Excl.VAT*)

Wabeco 22310 [ru]Круглый стол[/ru][en]Work table[/en][de]Rundtisch[/de] Wabeco 22310 Work table

33,64 € (29,00 € Excl.VAT*)

Wabeco 35805 [ru]Резьбонарезное устройство[/ru][en]Tapping attachment[/en][de]Gewindeschneidvorrichtung[/de] Wabeco 35805 Tapping attachment

41,41 € (35,70 € Excl.VAT*)

Working range     

Vertical travel Z-axis    260 mm
Vertical drill stroke with retaining spring    60 mm

Solid steel column     

Total height    500 mm
toothed Ø    30 mm
rotatable through 360°

Machine support     

for mounting drive units with Euronorm Ø 43 mm
Outreach    127 mm
2 adjustable guides
Depth stop for always drilling the workpieces to precisely the same depth

Base plate     

Dimensions    185 x 270 mm
Number of slots    4
Width of slots for 10 mm T-slots or M10 hexagon bolts


Weight without packaging    4,7 kg

Subject to technical modifications

Wabeco 40521 Machine vice with quick adjustment 60 mm

  • with horizontal and vertical v-block for round material
  • open base plate for clamping or through-drilling of the workpiece
  • Trapezoidal thread spindle

Technical data

  • Jaw width 60 mm
  • Clamping width 70 mm
  • Jaw height 28 mm
  • Weight w/o pack. 0.4 kg

Application area

  • universal use e.g. for clamping in table drilling machines, pillar drilling machines, column drilling machines etc.
  • also for clamping on WABECO drilling milling stands and coordinate tables