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Akustikgitarre Duke Dreadnought MC

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Hersteller: LaCorda
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Akustikgitarre Duke Dreadnought  MC

Western guitar Duke MC (LaCorda)

Excellent acoustic guitar, top of massive Canadian cedar, Mahogany laminated back and ribs. The guitar has a powerful and beautiful sound, good dynamics and attack, comfortable neck profile. The instrument corresponds to high and objective requirements for both amateur and professional guitarists.


  • Top –Canadian cedar massive
  • Back and ribs – Mahogany laminate
  • Fretboard – black wood and cedar equipped with a steel truss rod
  • Mensuration - 650 mm
  • Width of fretboard – 45 mm
  • Glossy covering
  • Strings Elixir
  • Supplied with a cover
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