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Woodside Guitars WS-GS1-LEV Guitar Support

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Manufacturer: Woodside Guitars
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 Lift Kit (+ 19,64 €)



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Woodside Guitars WS-GS1-LEV Guitar Support

An universal classic guitar support from Woodside Guitars. Very compact, easy and quick to install, as well as easily disassembled, the support takes up little space, when disassembled, and can fit into any guitar case or guitar case pocket. The telescopic stand allows you to adjust the height in the range of 90 - 130 mm, when using to raise the neck even higher, you can use an additional lifting kit (additional option). The support clamps securely support the guitar at 4 points, thus ensuring the lowest resonance loss in the guitar sound. Adjustable clamps allow you to securely hold your guitar with any depth of sides. The clamping lever allows you to easily attach the caliper to the guitar in one move and just as easily detach it. The clamps are located on an anodized aluminum frame and are driven by a reliable and quality mechanic with steel screws. The desk itself is attached to the rack with a special ball bearing, which allows you to change the inclination in any direction (3-D adjustment).


  • High quality
  • Great design
  • 3-D angle and height adjustment
  • Four-point mounting system minimizes sound resonance loss
  • Clamps with polyethylene covers securely and gently fix the guitar
  • The necessary agility combined with reliable stability thanks to the locking ball mechanism
  • Quickly attached and removed with a clamping lever.
  • Does not slip on the leg

Technical specifications

  • Clamping Width Range: 79 – 113 mm
  • Height Range (Upper part of leg rest to instrument resting position):  90 – 130 mm​
  • Angle Range – 13 Degrees (Ball & Socket) in all directions​
  • Weight:  200 g​
  • Materials:  Anodized aluminum, brass, stainless steel
  • Folded Size (for stowage; e.g. in guitar case):  115 x 100 x  57 (high)  
  • The support can also be used to play the lute, mandolin, mandola, Bouzouki and other instruments
GS1 Lift Kit
GS1 Lift Kit (can be included in the order as an option)
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Суппорт понравился, много вариант настроек, не оставляет следов на корпусе гитары. Единственный недочет HLK-1 - отсутствие в комплекте ключа на 5.5 mm.

Woodside Guitars WS-GS1-lev Guitar Support

GS1 Lift Kit

GS1 Lift Kit (can be included in the order as an option)

  • Set out of extender rod and collar 
  • Allows to increase the height of the stand
  • Additional collar allows to increase the height by 50 mm (pic.1)
  • The use of the rod and an additional sleeve allows to increase the height of the fixture by 180 mm (pic.2)

GS1 Lift Kit for Woodside Guitar Support
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