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About us

Elcoda - Internet music store. Elcoda - a joint project of companies PD-Trade and SoftGres, which joines together a number of European exporters on the market of musical instruments and accessories. The main direction of our activity is sale of traditional classical musical instruments: guitars, stringed and bowed musical instruments, woodwind and brass instruments. In our catalog you can find professional musical instruments as well as many accessories and spare parts.

 In our activity we focus primarily on professional musicians with high demands on the quality and capabilities of the instrument. We order all instruments from the manufacturer or distributor directly. The order is placed by the manufacturer, sometimes if the order is exclusive, we have to expect when the instrument is ready.

Most of the goods we send by mail, in some cases we use the help of forwarding companies to provide the most reliable and convenient way to deliver the goods to our customer.

In the catalog of our shop may also be presented the products of our partners, such as a workshop for making of musical instruments that could use Internet store Elcoda as seller.

Shop Elcoda is  situated in Germany. We use the convenient and affordable for our customers means of communication for our customers as e-mail, Skype, phone.

 We realize our trading activity in the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany. Terms of the agreement, the warranty and the right to return the goods provided on site of Elcoda are corresponded to German law. The site Elcoda publishes prices for the goods excluding VAT, we add Value Added Tax to the cost of the goods for customers living in the territory of countries of the European Union. In most cases the VAT rate is 19% and postal services tax may be 7% of the price of the goods or services.