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Plucked instruments

Guitar is one of the most popular instruments ever known to the world, and it is really something truly special. Guitars are used by players in every style of music from classical to rock, from folk to metal.
At Elcoda we ensure wide range of guitars from leading European manufactures as Carl Hofner, Hanika Gitarren, LaCorda, Kibin right through to the most highly regarded instruments from well known luthiers such as Pavel Gavrushov, Felipe Conde and Jeronimo Perez. Our massive selection of Handmade Guitars, Flamenko Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Semi Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, 6 and 12 strings Guitars all come with the lowest price and satisfaction guarantees.
Whether you're a first-time player, weekend warrior or old seasoned pro, we make it easy to find guitars that match you criteria. Our product filters can help you select the perfect instrument you need. Browse guitars by price, brand, layout and customer rating.

Top 5 Reasons to Shop Guitars at Elcoda

  • wide selection of Guitars from leading world manufactures
  • high quality products at low prices
  • every product we sell is assessed to ensure it meets the highest editorial and quality standards
  • special offers, personalised recommendations, expert reviews and editorial staff
  • worldwide DHL delivery from Germany
  • Balalaiker
  • Duke guitars
  • Flight guitars
  • Hanika classical acoustic guitars
  • Kala guitars
  • Karl Höfner
  • Kremona classical acoustic guitars
  • La Mancha guitars
  • Pavel Gavryushov