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Larsen Magnacore D струна для виолончели

Цена: 58,31 € EUR 49.00
цена вкл. 19% НДС без доставки
(цена на экспорт 49,00 €)
Артикул: G639.42
Производитель: Larsen


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Larsen Magnacore D струна для виолончели

The Perfected Set: Extremely well balanced set for the professional cellist offering a charismatic sound with an endless palette of colours.

Larsen Magnacore® Strings for Cello

The Larsen Magnacore® G and C strings have an incredibly warm and focused sound. They offer a wealth of overtones, tremendous volume and exceptional string response – even when played in pianissimo. The playing-in time has been reduced to an absolute minimum, delivering outstanding string performance instantly. The Magnacore® medium set offers a wonderfully sonorous and broad sound with unique ease of playability. It is ideal for cellos with a neutral to bright timbre. Compared to the medium tension set, the strong version is even more powerful, focused and direct in sound.
We can recommend the Magnacore® strong for all celli – but in particular for the darker and deeper sounding instruments.

String Details

The Magnacore® A and D are made on a solid steel core and wound with high quality precision rolled flat wire.
Magnacore® G and C strings are made on a concentric multi-stranded steel core and wound with high grade tungsten and precision rolled flat wire.

Larsen Strings Компания Larsen производит струны для виолончелей, скрипок и альтов. Вся продукция Larsen доступна по очень привлекательной цене. Если конкретный продукт недоступен на нашем веб-сайте, вы можете связаться с нами, и мы сообщим вам, возможно ли его заказать.
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