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Larsen Virtuoso
Larsen Virtuoso®
A truly innovative synthetic string at only moderate tension yet capable of delivering a richly nuanced sound with exceptional volume. Extremely well received and consistently reviewed as setting a new standard for the violin.

Eminently playable and noted for its remarkable string response and reliability the Larsen Virtuoso® suits warm to neutral sounding instruments. Given their moderate tension, they lend particular benefit to older instruments.

Larsen Virtuoso® Violin Strings

Larsen offer Larsen Virtuoso® strings in two tensions, medium and strong. Virtuoso® medium and strong are both somewhat lower in tension than their conventional equivalent gauges. The medium tension strings show extraordinary string response, playability and sound modulation capability. The strong version is more focused in sound, with higher resistance to the bow.

String Details

The Virtuoso® E string is made using a unique carbon steel, while the A, D and G strings build on a new, pioneering synthetic multifilament core.
The A string is wound with precision rolled aluminium flat wire.
The D and G strings with pure silver.