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A-String for Cello Pirastro Perpetual

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SKU: P333120
Manufacturer: Pirastro
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Pirastro Cello Perpetual New Cello Strings
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A-String for Cello Pirastro Perpetual

Perpetual Cello Strings. A New Generation of Steel Core Strings.
The sound of the Perpetual Medium set is crystal clear and precise, powerful and grand. Each string responds easily and directly. This is especially impressive with the G- and C-strings which respond immediate to the lightest bow techniques.


  • A-string: The tone is clear for the first few minutes, then gently settles into a full, round, and lush dark timbre. A string that truly touches with its warm mellow tone.

Tailpiece Options

The all Perpetual strings has a ball-end.




Perpetual strings are available in 4/4.
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