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Alto Saxophone J.Keilwerth SX90R Shadow JK2401-5B2-0

5.376,42 € EUR 4518.00 Price: 5.708,43 €
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SKU: JK2401-5B2-0
Manufacturer: Julius Keilwerth
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Alto Saxophone J.Keilwerth SX90R Shadow JK2401-5B2-0

Professional Alto Saxophone Shadow J.KEILWERT
Professional Alto Saxophone Shadow J.KEILWERT. Nickel silver body, black nickel plated, silver plated keys, 5.25" (133mm) bell diameter, adjustable thumb rest, adjustable palm keys, extra F key with adjustable screw, G# pad cup lifting mechanism, stainless steel screws, mother of pearl buttons, leather pads with metal resonators, hydraulically formed neck. Clear lacquered finish.


  • nickel silver body
  • black nickel plated
  • silver plated keys
  • 5.25" (133mm) bell diameter
  • adjustable thumb rest
  • adjustable palm keys
  • extra F key with adjustable screw
  • G# pad cup lifting mechanism
  • stainless steel screws
  • mother of pearl buttons
  • leather pads with metal resonators
  • hydraulically formed neck
  • clear lacquered finish
  • soft case