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Balalaiker® Sputnik-Electro russian prim balalaika

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Balalaiker® Sputnik-Electro russian prim balalaika

A special electro-acoustic model of the traditional balalaika. Electroacoustics from Balalaiker are ideal for concert performances, musical experiments and instrument accompaniment at loud events. The versatile TRS 1/4 output can be connected to any combo or directly into the mixer line input. A built-in battery-powered preamplifier ensures the sound signal is stable. The unique bridge from Balalaiker with a built-in piezo sensor will retain the traditional look of the instrument, hiding the wires in the instrument body. Convenience and mobility without unnecessary wires and accessories. Balalaiker Sputnik-T is balanced in its acoustic characteristics. Created according to the impressions of old five-part balalaikas. The color scheme reflects the nature of the decoration of the balalaikas of the mid-20th century.


  • 3-string Russian balalaika
  • Folk Series
  • The traditional body shape is five-rivet
  • Dimensions - length 687 mm, width 420 mm, depth 115 mm
  • Built-in pickup
  • Jack 1/4 ″ (6.35 mm) output
  • Steel strings
  • Scale 440 mm, 16 frets
  • Resonant spruce top
  • Body made of solid maple, birch
  • Black tinted finish
  • Cover included
  • Additional set of strings

String tuning options

  • balalaika tuning E E A (high) or D D G (low)
  • Russian (guitar) tuning D F # A (high) or C E G (low)
  • minor scale D F A
  • The tuning height can be determined by the wishes of the performer (for songs, for dancing, for calm playing music, etc.)
  • The best tuning of the instrument is achieved when the scale (distance from the nut to the bridge) is equal to 435 mm. For more accurate intonation, the stand can be shifted by 1-2 mm

Storage conditions

Temperature from 15 to 25 ° С, relative humidity 50-60%, minimum 1.5m distance from heating devices, avoid direct sunlight or light from powerful lamps, avoid drafts, it is recommended to store the instrument in the included bag or a case
  • Model name - Balalaiker Sputnik
  • Code 3S-SE
  • Folk Series
  • Light brown color
  • Number of strings - 3 (metal)
  • Body (body) - type "punt", size "prima" 4/4
  • Dimensions (without packaging) - length 687 mm, width 420 mm, depth 115 mm
  • Soundboard - Resonant Spruce Grade B
  • Body material - birch / maple
  • Top - beech
  • Back - birch / maple
  • Voice-activated rosette - decorative print
  • Body finishing - semi-matt polyurethane varnish
  • Body gluing - colored Ivanovo chintz
  • Neck material - birch
  • Pad - pear
  • Neck shape - oval
  • Neck blade - birch
  • Game scale - 440 mm
  • Nut / Width - Pear 28 mm
  • Number of frets - 16
  • Fret material - Sintoms® 2 mm nickel silver
  • Neck finish - polyurethane varnish
  • Neck markings - plastic

Balalaiker® Sputnik-Electro russian prim balalaika

Balalaiker The Balalaiker company produces Balalaikas. All Balalaiker products are available at a very attractive price. If a specific product is not available on our website, you can get in contact with us and we will inform you if it is possible to order it.
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