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Bassoon W. Schreiber S91 Prestige WS5091-2N-0

Price: 25.817,05 € EUR 21695.00
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SKU: WS5091-2N-0
Manufacturer: W. Schreiber
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Bassoon W. Schreiber S91 Prestige WS5091-2N-0

Professional Bassoon S91 Prestige WS5091-2N-0 Schreiber.
The handcrafted mechanism provides many additional features. The wing joint has an extra high E key and a link between the A and whisper keys. The boot joint has been extended with a detachable Ab/Bb trill key. The wing joint and the narrow side of the boot joint are lined with synthetic resin. The bottom and the wide side of the boot joint have been lined with Luracast epoxy resin to above the A-flat to avoid damage from humidity. The 5 finger holes and the G tone hole are lined with nickel silver. The S91 Schreiber bassoon is everything an instrumentalist could wish for.


  • Hand-selected alpin maple wood
  • Professional bore with new tone hole system and bocal
  • 28 keys
  • 9 rollers: F# - F - Ab, C# - Eb, Bb - 2x E-pancake - F#
  • Sterling silver tone hole inserts
  • High E key
  • High D key
  • E-F sharp trill
  • Double Eb key on the wing joint
  • Whisper key lock
  • High A bridge to whisper key
  • New, very dense special pad
  • Balance holder
  • New adjustable wooden hand support with screw mounted fastener and recessed locknut
  • Newly patented, U tube for improved air flow
  • Solid nickel-silver mechanism, with high quality silver plating
  • 3 newly developed W. Schreiber bocals
  • High quality bassoon MB case
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